Annual Members Specials

Member Team T-Shirts
$75 for 12 shirt (Cotton)
$110 for 12 shirts (Dry Fit)
What U choose – shortsleeve or sleeveless, Shirt & Ink color,
Logo, sizes & numbers optional. XS – XXL.
Free Agent Board
If you are a captain and an 8 Coed Annual Member you have
exclusive access to our “Free Agent” board which allows
you to utilize our free agent members to use on the
nights your team maybe short.
Preferred Scheduling
Maybe your team can’t make it at 6:30, or maybe you
prefer an early game. With the 8 Coed Preferred
Scheduling you can get the times you need or prefer.
In order to qualify you must be an 8 Coed Annual Member
and it is an additional $25.00 administrative fee.
Exclusive 8 Coed Branded Gear
Annual Members will receive premium 8 Coed Athletic
gear, which includes embroidered hat, upgraded shirt and shorts.
(when available)
Game Day Libation
Free drinks during months of June, July & August
Reduced League Registration
8 Coed Annual Members receive reduced league
registration. For team captains whom are members receive
$30 – $50 off league registrations fees and individual memberships
receive 3 sports)      Individual memberships may not be
used with team captain membership.