8 Coed Free-Agent Membership

Maybe your job requires you to travel, maybe you are too busy to commit every week to a specific team or sport, or maybe you just aren’t sure if you want to participate and just want to try the league, then the 8 Coed Free-Agent Membership is for you. Our Free-Agent Membership allows you to be picked up by all of 8 Coed teams for participation in any sport on any night if you are available and wish to play. So if you want to play when you can or just get your feet wet, try the 8 Coed Free-Agent Membership!

Cost: $45.00


 Guidelines and Restrictions:

In order to qualify to play the team that chooses you the team captain must be an 8 Coed Annual Member.

In order to qualify for playoffs with a team you must play at least 2 regular season games for that team in that sport. In the event you played multiple games for multiple teams throughout the season, you will only qualify to play in the playoffs with the first team you played for in that season.

Due to the nature of the membership, there will be no refund issues after the first week of play.

In order to qualify for a Free-Agent membership you must either be new to 8 Coed or have not participated in the league for the past year.

In the event anyone attempts to play a full season with one team in one sport using a Free-Agent Membership with the intent to skirt the full price for a casual member ($60.00) will cause the team that they participate on to be disqualified from playoffs and 8 Coed reserves the right to review the infraction and deny future play to both the individual and the appropriate team.