Annual Members Specials

Reduced League Registration
8 Coed Annual Members receive reduced league
registration. For team captains whom are members receive
$30 – $50 off league registrations fees and individual memberships
receive 3 sports. Individual memberships may not be
coupled with team captain membership.
Member Team T-Shirts
$110 for 12 shirts (Dry Fit)
You choose the colors and sizes XS – XXL
Logo and numbers are optional for additional charge.
Exclusive 8 Coed Branded Gear
Annual Members will receive premium 8 Coed Athletic
gear for winning a season. This includes an embroidered hat,
embroidered backpack, soccer balls, and more.
Preferred Scheduling
Maybe your team can’t make it at 6:30, or maybe you
prefer an early game. With the 8 Coed Preferred
Scheduling, you can get the times you need or prefer.
In order to qualify you must be an 8 Coed Annual Member
and it is an additional $25.00 administrative fee.
Free Agent Board
If you are a captain and an 8 Coed Annual Member, you have
exclusive access to our “Free Agent” board. This allows
you to utilize our free agents on the nights your team
may be short.